Conner and I were married 01.01.10 and we couldnt be happier. We will be going to the Temple in January of 2011 to be sealed for time and all eternity. We hope that this blog will help us to stay in touch with all of our wide spread family and we hope to hear from all of you as well. Anyone that doesnt have it, our phone number is


and our address is

4040 Schanen Blv #125 Corpus Christi Tx 78413


Conner and Saige Todachinnie

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

everything new!!!

19 week baby
Thirty one weeks

twenty two weeks!!
Hey everyone! the dr says the baby will be here in 4-6 weeks!! we are so excited!!! sorry its been so long since our last post. Conner is going to school for welding and working at rimco and LOVES it all : ) He was ordained an Elder in march 2010 and WE WILL BE GOING TO THE TEMPLE IN MARCH 2011!!! im staying home and doing my photography and everything is going really well! we love you all

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ten weeks!!!

We are now ten weeks along! and so excited! Cant wait for our baby. the dr says im measuring a lot bigger then i am haha im measuring 16-18 weeks.. so we will see! we are due January 31st

Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Pregnant!!!

For those of you who dont already know, I am due in January! We are very excited. And also, we are back in Corpus Christi! Everyone stay in touch!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Johnny's Funeral

This is an experience niether of us will ever forget. Johnny was a very kind hearted, gentle person. He'll never be forgotten and live in our hearts forever. The services were very sweet and i think everyone there got a little bit of closure, though this kind of death is something you never really get complete closure from. I believe despite the manor in which johhny slipped away will not limit him from a celestial eternity. I believe johnny will fight just as hard as he did here on earth and he will win. He only lost a battle here on earth... he will most deffinantly win his war. Mental illness is something we all need to be aware of. If anyone knows someone with a mental illness, hug them everyday. Make sure every moment you get.. you express your love and support to that person so you never have any regrets... as a lot of us do over dear johnny. His story should remind us all that mental illness is not something you choose... its not something that you can decide not to have. I know that i will always be more mindfull of people like johnny and I that need that extra little help to make it. And i will always fight a little harder everyday for dear, sweet Johnny. 1980-2010 Love you Johnny
the ground thaws, the rain falls, the grass grows. Without you, the seeds root, the flowers bloom, the children play. The stars gleam, the poets dream, the eagles fly, without you. The earth turns, the sun burns, but I die, without you. Without you, the breeze warms, the girl smiles, the cloud moves. Without you, the tides change, the boys run, the oceans crash. The crowds roar, the days soar, the babies cry, without you. The moon glows, the river flows, but I die, without you. The tears dry, without you. Life goes on, but I�m gone. Cause I die, without you

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our recent weekends

A couple of weekends ago, we got to have conners little brothers (all four of them) stay with us for the weekend. It was really enjoyable and filled with laughter, love and... A LOT of halo. haha. This weekend we get to have all thee of my sister Ambers kids. We love them so much and we are so glad to get to spend time with them. We have had some bad news recently. My aunt Margret died and her funeral is saturday in blanding. She is my great-great aunt. And we found out yesterday that my good friend Johnny died wednesday ( feb 24th) under very sad conditions and will be traveling to Blanding soon to say our goodbye's. We have, however, also had very good news. Conner recieved his patriarcle blessing and this weekend will be presented in stake conference to be ordained as and Elder. Its so great to watch him recieve these great gifts and see the joy it brings to him and our little home. We also learned that we will be able to go to the temple sooner then we though to take out our endownments. We will have to wait until January to be sealed but its another step and another blessing on our journey together. These blessings also help us in dealing with the hard things we go through such as these recent deaths. And im sure they will help us many more times to come. God be with you till we meet again Margret Taylor and Johnny Eberling. We wish you wonderfull reunions with loved ones on the other side and cant wait to see you again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recent Achievements

Conner was recently ordained a priest. This is something hes been working very hard on and we are super excited about it! This sunday (february 14th) we have to speak in sacrament meeting, then teach primary and then later that day Conner will be revieving his patriarcle blessing. At the end of February he will be presented in stake conference to become an Elder. These have all been such great blessings to us. It been so amazing to watch my wonderfull husband come back into the gospel and realize how amazing he really is. It wont be too long before we are able to go to the Temple and start our own little family.

Mancos Colorado continued

I did get some pictures of the house up. Its not much.. But its home and we love it. And my sweet animals, of course I have animals. Merlin is about 7 months old and he is a blue heeler/border collie and Cora is a dwarf Bunny and she is about a year old. Funny thing, they are like best friends.